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Election 2012.jpg

  • Sept 25 : Handing out of Candidacy Forms ( teachers & parents endorse candidates)
  • Oct. 1: Finalization of Class representatives candidates (approved listing of class candidates will be announced)
  • Oct. 2-10: Class campaign period starts (make campaign posters, talk during class times)
  • Oct. 11: Election of Class representatives during math time
  • Oct. 15: Announcement of MS SC officers
  • Oct Assembly : Investiture / Oath taking
THE CANDIDATES (each class will elect
2 class reps. From the class reps, there will be election for major positions)
For 701 ONLY
For 702 ONLY
_ Ana
_ Caitlin
_ Erick
_ Hassan
_ Kendall
_ Luisa
_ Mariano
_ Tabina
_ Andres
_ Beau
_ Daniel
_ Geeta
_ Jason F
_ Mattieu
_ Paulina
_ Ruth

For 801 ONLY
For 802 ONLY
_ Carlos
_ Corinne
_ Joel M
_ Sydney
_ Tenzin
_ Driss
_ Giovani
_ Glenn
_ Kayla
_ Sean
___ Zahid


  • To develop and train student leaders who effect change in self, community, and world

Election Process:

A. Application and election of Class Representative

1. Students apply to be a candidate for Class Representative. A criteria based on academics and deportment is set . An application form is used for this purpose.

  • Academics/Behavior/Leadership or Talents: ex. no missed H.W.s, never late in class, passing grades in tests, best behavior in class, shows leadership potentials.
  • Parental consent needed
  • Recommendation by the homeroom/advisor teacher, and 2 other teachers , and by a student support teacher

2. Each class votes for 2 class representatives (2 x 4 classes = 8 students)

  • There will be elections during homeroom time for each class.
  • The 2 class representatives are the officers of the class. They will be the homeroom teacher's assistants in the class. They are the official representatives to the student council.

3. The 8 representatives comprise the Student Council members.

B. Student Council Organization

1. The 8 class representatives will elect among themselves on who will be main officers :

  • President (possible CSG Student Representative) – oversees and initiates all activities
  • Vice President - supports the president / replaces the president when he/she is not available
  • Secretary - takes note of important matters / records meeting notes / files important documents
    Click me for more details.
  • Treasurer - accounts all monetary concerns

Those not elected in the above positions will be committee chairpersons:
  • Committee : Trips, Activities , Fund Raising, Student Concerns

NON WINNING CANDIDATES - will be automatic members of the Peace Patrol

2. Regular Meetings will be held during: Tuesdays Lunch period

  • Teacher Moderator: Ram

3. Possible activities/responsibilities
  • organize trips
  • organize parties
  • organize fund raising activities
  • organize student awareness on important issues (NYS budget, Elections, Green School, follow up on class promises during the orientation days....etc)
  • liaison between teachers and students
  • hallway/stairs monitors
  • outside/inside lunch monitors
  • assist homeroom teachers during assemblies
  • Suggestions, complains, collection
  • HR teacher's assistant in class
  • Collaborate with HS student council regarding joint activities

4. There will be a special oath taking for the student council officers which will be held during an assembly.

5. A special vest, identification card, jacket or hat will be purchased to distinguish the officers if they are on-duty.

5. Leadership Formation

  • learn parliamentary procedures during meetings
  • identify different characteristics of leaders
  • learn from community leaders in and outside our school (talks / observations/trips....)



  • President : Tenzin Samten
  • Vice President: Luke Rogan
  • Secretary: Sean Bradley
  • Treasurer: Corinne Stonebraker
  • Party Committee Chair: *Sarah Semple (CSG Representative)
  • Trips Committee Chair: Destiny Evans
  • Fund Raising Committee Chair: Zahid Hasan
  • Student Concerns Committee Chair: Julia Krutel

Committee members (not elected)
  • Trips Committee Chair: Destiny Evans
With Sakib Sakib , Brielle Fantauzzi
  • Fund Raising Committee Chair: Zahid Hasan
With Brennan Rogan, Ahashan Amin
  • Student Concerns Committee Chair: Julia Krutel
– with Emilia Pirro
  • Party Committee Chair: Sarah Semple
With Brian Williams, Julia Francione, Makeda Lewis, Brianna Rodriguez

Elected class Representatives:

701: Destiny and Sean 702: Corinne and Zahid
801: Samten and Julia K 802: Sarah S and Luke

1. Petition to change Quinipet trip to the Bosto Trip.
2. Halloween Dance 2011
3. Thanksgiving Meal $ colletion, and organization
4. Peace Patrol
View our our Peace Patrol Training days and Launching day pics!